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  • Through the Longkang #1

  • Through the Longkang #2

  • Through the Longkang #3

  • Rebranding for Sea Monsters

  • Putu Piring

  • Milk Teeth

  • Shape & Space

  • The Fourth Trimester Tote Bag

  • This is My Family: New Singapore Plays Volume 2

  • Voices Clear and True: New Singapore Plays Volume 1

  • Faith Ng: Plays Volume 1

  • Joel Tan: Plays Volume 1

  • Paranormal adventurers Fishball and Brick are trying to find a missing teenager, last seen beside a longkang. Their only clue: a punctured soccer ball, abandoned on the beach. Will they be ready for the house of horrors that awaits them, and other unknown terrors on the dark side of Singapore? Myle Yan Tay and Shuxian Lee collaborate once again in this thrilling new three-part series of fantastical proportions in Through the Longkang.


    A 20-page comic book written by Myle Yan Tay and illustrated by Shuxian Lee

    Through the Longkang #2 continues the paranormal journey of beloved characters Fishball and Brick, in their desperate bid to save innocent lives and, perhaps, restore some light to even just one more soul. Myle Yan Tay and Shuxian Lee return as collaborators in this thrilling second volume where no stone is left unturned.

    A 20-page comic book written by Myle Yan Tay and illustrated by Shuxian Lee.

    In the highly anticipated nail-biting finale of this paranormal trilogy, adventurer Fishball is forced to contend with the reality of the monster they’re facing. With past mistakes and haunted memories looming over this rescue mission, doubt begins to creep in: will they be held hostage forever? Collaborators Myle Yan Tay and Shuxian Lee return to determine Fishball’s fate in Through the Longkang #3.

    A 24-page comic book written by Myle Yan Tay and illustrated by Shuxian Lee.

    A local advertising agency discovers how far they are willing to go to secure their latest and most unusual clients: the cult worshippers of the sea monster Fermafloofarg. With Luke Somasundram’s immeasurably sharp humour, Ethan Sim’s eccentric illustrations and a whole lot of aggressive marketing, sea monsters have never looked better.


    A 20-page comic book written by Luke Somasundram and illustrated by Ethan Sim.

    A man returns to his childhood place of comfort. With one of his favourite snacks in hand, he discovers just how tightly food and memories are woven together. Full of wonderment, Myle Yan Tay and Shuxian Lee’s debut collaboration brings solace to solitude, even in the most restless of days.


    A 20-page comic book written by Myle Yan Tay and illustrated by Shuxian Lee

    Confront the intricacies of a mother-child relationship with this hauntingly beautiful work by multi-disciplinary artist worms. Through the stark lens of hindsight, they contemplate the cycles of growing together and growing apart with unflinching honesty in the wake of change.


    A 20-page comic book written and illustrated by worms wav.

    The whimsical world of childhood friendship blossoms in Althea Duncombe’s Panda, while a vivid dreamscape of connection and identity unfolds in Chia Wei Ting’s Dreaming All The Time.

    Checkpoint Theatre’s first comic anthology, Shape & Space, introduces two emerging writer-illustrators, Althea Duncombe and Chia Wei Ting, and their moving, introspective works. As their tales whisk you into different journeys, experience the unique art styles that meld reality with fantasy, and the lyricism of these rich inner worlds.

    A 42-page collection of two works, written and illustrated by Chia Wei Ting and Althea Duncombe.

    Take home a limited edition tote bag from Faith Ng’s The Fourth Trimester! This sturdy cotton canvas tote bag is both roomy and has comfortable shoulder straps, making it a perfect everyday carry for your essentials (and more).


    Dimensions: 36cm x 40cm x 8cm


    Robust and diverse, these six vital original Singapore plays address themes of family in all its complexity and diversity. They examine with care, intelligence, and honesty the joys and pains of family: the papered-over cracks of a twenty-year marriage; the enduring ties between a parent and a child; the forging of bonds between those not bound by blood. This anthology of acclaimed plays includes Oon Shu An’s #UnicornMoment, Luke Somasundram’s The Untitled Funeral Play, and Recalling Mother by Claire Wong and Noorlinah Mohamed.

    Edited and introduced by Lucas Ho.



    • The Untitled Funeral Play by Luke Vijay Somasundram
    • For Better or for Worse by Faith Ng
    • Maggie and Milly and Molly and May by Leonard Augustine Choo
    • #UnicornMoment by Oon Shu An
    • Family Outing by Joel Tan
    • Recalling Mother by Claire Wong and Noorlinah Mohamed

    By turns lyrical and hilarious, Voices Clear and True showcases eight exciting works from a new generation of Singapore playwrights marked by their intellectual rigour, emotional honesty, and refined technique. Published as part of Checkpoint Theatre’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the volume serves as both a record of powerful new work and as a valuable resource for students and makers of theatre everywhere. All the plays were written under the mentorship of Huzir Sulaiman and have been produced by Singapore theatre companies.

    Edited by Huzir Sulaiman, Lucas Ho, and Laremy Lee, with an introduction by Huzir Sulaiman.



    • The Artist Who by Lucas Ho
    • wo(men) by Faith Ng
    • A Malay Romance by Christine Chong
    • Staying Over by Dan Koh
    • Bus Driver Bring Me to Die by Kenneth Chong
    • Radio Silence by Laremy Lee
    • The Good, the Bad and the Sholay by Shiv Tandan
    • Framed by Cheryl Lee

    Honest and compelling, Faith Ng’s plays bear witness to slices of Singapore life in all of their emotional complexity. Her characteristic empathy and perception shine through the shorthand and subtext captured in her vivid dialogue. From the universally acclaimed Normal to the delicately wrought For Better or for Worse, this collection of deeply affecting and sensitively crafted plays shows precisely why Faith is one of the most celebrated playwrights in her generation.

    Edited by Lucas Ho with an introduction by Dr Philip Holden.



    • Wo(men)
    • Skin
    • For Better or for Worse
    • Ah Ma
    • Normal
    • Waste
    • Rose
    • You are My Needle, I am Your Thread (co-written with Alvin Lim)

    Sharp and incisive, Joel Tan has received widespread recognition and acclaim for his lyricism, wit, and elegant mastery of language. His ability to craft dialogue in all its complex nuances, lilts and milieux has established him as an important voice of his generation and one of its most exciting playwrights. This compilation of seven remarkable plays from Joel, which include the humorously thought-provoking Mosaic and delicately poignant The Way We Go, capture the intricacies of the modern world with stillness and intelligence.

    Edited by Lucas Ho and features an interview with the playwright by Huzir Sulaiman.



    • Family Outing
    • That Daniel
    • Postgrads
    • Hotel
    • People
    • The Way We Go
    • Mosaic