Still Life

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Thu 28 Feb – Sun 10 Mar 2019
72-13, Home of TheatreWorks
(72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road)

Tickets on sale at SISTIC

Written by Dana Lam
Directed and dramaturged by Claire Wong
Performed by Dana Lam and Jean Ng

Presented in collaboration with TheatreWorks

What happens when an artist picks up her paintbrush after a long hiatus? Does the body still remember what has been lived? Or are the senses dulled by time, the joints fused with experience?

Still Life is an affecting look at life and art-making. In this deeply personal performance, Dana Lam rediscovers and reclaims her journey from the 1950s to the present, through her twin first loves: writing and painting. From journalist to activist, from daughter to grandmother, she confronts the choices and tensions that keep a life in balance. The result is an evocative portrait woven of lyrical prose and the unflinching gaze of an artist coming to terms with her own nakedness.

Directed and dramaturged with verve and sensitivity by Claire Wong, Still Life focuses on how we look at the world, at the past, and at ourselves. How do we see what we see? And how do we look at a life that’s never still in order to make meaning?

Performed in English with some Cantonese

Photo credit: Mark Teo