Recalling Mother (2016)

Past Productions & Events

Presented by Checkpoint Theatre in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres On The Bay as part of The Studios 2016
24 to 27 March 2016 at Esplanade Theatre Studio

As long-time friends and fellow theatre artists, Claire Wong and Noorlinah Mohamed would often meet and talk about their mothers and the complexities of living and not living with them. One mother is Cantonese-speaking and impetuous; the other speaks Malay and is quietly stubborn. Both are smart, sharp and strong. Both are wonderful cooks.

The Recalling Mother project began in 2006 with Claire and Noorlinah examining and charting how their relationships with their respective mothers have evolved over the years. With each performance (in 2006, 2009, 2015, and now 2016), they revisit, update, and develop further the exploration of how the bond between parent and child changes.

As they and their mothers grow older, the caretaker has now become the dependant. ‎What happens when the body begins to age? What does love mean to a mind that is beginning to fade? And so, the conversations continue.

Poignant, moving and funny, Recalling Mother celebrates the joys and challenges of motherhood and daughterhood.‎

Performed in English with some Cantonese and Malay

Photo credit: Joel Lim @ Calibre Pictures