Playwrights and a Sense of Place

Past Productions & Events

Presented by Checkpoint Theatre
10 July 2014 at Australian High Commission

As part of our efforts to provide audience members more insight into the creative process, Checkpoint Theatre recently introduced Checkpoint Conversations – a series of intimate dialogues between theatre practitioners as they go beyond the rehearsal room to explore the themes, ideas, and techniques they use in making compelling theatre.

The inaugural session Playwrights and a Sense of Place featured celebrated playwrights Lachlan Philpott (Australia) and Huzir Sulaiman (Singapore) in a discussion, moderated by Claire Wong, on how dramatists evoke a sense of place and the impact it has had on their writings:

It’s important for the arts industry and theatre enthusiasts to have a space to come together to discuss and examine the intricacies of theatrical craft. Post-show discussions do not normally permit such intense or vigorous examination due to time and logistical constraints. What Checkpoint Conversations seeks to do is provide an arena for such discourse and add to the vibrancy of the scene. I’m really excited to kick off the Checkpoint Conversations series with Lachlan Philpott as place is equally intrinsic to his work.

– Huzir Sulaiman, Joint Artistic Director of Checkpoint Theatre