Thick Beats for Good Girls

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Thu 5 – Sat 22 April 2018
Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Level 5

Tickets on sale at SISTIC now

Written and performed by Jessica Bellamy and Pooja Nansi
Directed and dramaturged by Huzir Sulaiman

“Where’s all the women that still remember who they slept with?
Where’s all the girls too busy studying to make the guest list?
But when you do go out, you still working what you was blessed with [...]
Don’t make the good girls go bad, no.”

— Game ft. Drake, Good Girls Go Bad

But what is a good girl anyway? Does she have to know her prayers by heart? Can she ever let go, and get her freak on? Thick Beats for Good Girls is the electrifying collaboration between performance-poet Pooja Nansi and playwright Jessica Bellamy, who have a ton of questions about the balancing act that is being a woman, an ethnic or religious minority and—God forbid—a hip-hop enthusiast.

This is the coming-of-age anthem Singapore hasn’t heard yet—mainly because it wouldn’t make it onto national radio. This is love and finding a sense of belonging while rapping along to lyrics your mom wouldn’t approve of, the rush of walking into a club and feeling the bass in your bones. This is learning to stand in your own light. This is asking the question: Do good girls ever get to call the shots?

Directed and dramaturged by Huzir Sulaiman, Thick Beats combines the distinctive, bold voices of Pooja and Jessica as they ignite the stage with original poems, rhymes and musings on life. At once thoughtful and joyful, claiming and reclaiming, Thick Beats for Good Girls delves into the intersections between race, culture, femininity and hip-hop while embracing the contradictions that lie at the crossroads.

Thick Beats for Good Girls is rated R18.